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Famous for the Eiffel Tower in the city of Paris, France is a country located in the western side of Europe and has shared a very big role in terms of global political activities and was also involved during World War 1. It is a first world country which possesses a rich culture and remarkable civilization history. But deep within ... Read More »


This western European country has a lot of things set for you. Switzerland may almost be synonymous to the words such as Alps, chocolates and snow. It is enclosed by countries namely Germany, Italy, Austria and France. This federal country has already established a strong economy through time. Culture has been preserved in most of its areas and even old ... Read More »


Strategically located at the very center of the cool Mediterranean Sea, the tiny cluster of Maltese islands is the perfect place to relax where there’s plenty of sun all year round, with sandy beaches stretching miles along the coastline and many historical places and structures to discover. This archipelago is found on the southern part of Europe and consists of ... Read More »


Located in the southeastern part of Europe, Greece is almost synonymous to the word “ancient”. Having played a role as the breeding grounds of ancient philosophical mind like the likes of Plato and Aristotle, this relatively temperate country is also blessed with nature with its lush vegetation in places where one is seemingly trapped in paradise. The 12th longest coastline ... Read More »


A lot of natural wonders are found in this spectacular country just between European Russia and Sweden. With its 5.3 million people living in its 130,000 square miles of land and sea, Finland possesses nature that is way beyond those in other countries. There you can find amazing phenomena along with the diverse flora and fauna. Finland is a developed ... Read More »

Natural Wonders of Austria

This country is sometimes mistakenly known as that country in the south, Australia. Austria and Australia are not the same, just so you know, and the former country is located in Europe while the latter is a large island situated at the vast Indian Ocean. But along its devastating past due to the World War II, Austria is also one ... Read More »

Tannforsen Waterfall

Tannforsen, Jamtland, Sweden is described as one of Sweden’s largest most breathtaking waterfall with a 38m total drop with 32m of which is vertical. The Tannforsen, Jamtland, Sweden has a width of 60m and therefore a total drop area of 1920sq meters. The Tannforsen waterfall is located in Jamtland; one of Sweden’s largest provinces in the center of Sweden and ... Read More »

Suilven Highland

Suilven Highland is one of the beautiful mountains in Scotland. It is a truly magnificent spectacle that resembles a police mans helmet of a rock is the distinctive mountain in Suilven, Highland in Scotland. It lies in the remote area of Suther land in the Inverpolly Scotland. This distinctive and magnificent mountain appears spiky from the east, and from the ... Read More »

Old Man of Storr

Old Man of Storr, Isle of Skye, in Scotland, is a 792m high hill located in Trotternish Skye, Scotland. It is a rocky hill that presents a steep rocky face that contrasts the adjacent grass filled slopes on their west. Old man of Storr, Isle of Skye, Scotland is one of these pinnacle shaped rocks that were formed as a ... Read More »

Old Man of Hoy

Old Man of Hoy, Orkney Islands, Scotland, is one of the most prominent of Scotland’s sea stack and is often the reason most enthusiastic climbers visit the Orkney Islands of Scotland. The Old Man of Hoy is actually a separate island off of the Orkney mainland whose climbing history has been introduced to the public by various TV shows and ... Read More »