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Northern Lights

Northern Lights, Finland is described as breathtaking light phenomena which brighten the night sky, and can often be as bright as a full moon. Northern Lights, Finland is often observed during the darkest times of the year, often in the wintertime, in the northern Polar Regions including Finland. These Aurora Borealis vary in color from blue and violet to yellowish ... Read More »

North Galton Castle

North Galton Castle, Orkney Islands, Scotland is a sea stack that is found on the western mainland of the Orkney Islands of Scotland and is situated between the Yesnaby car park and Outer town in Stromness. The North Galton Castle is similar to the Yesnaby castle in dimensions, composition and they both have ‘an amphitheater of cliffs’ that make it ... Read More »

Loch Lomond

Loch Lomond, Argyll and Bute, Scotland the largest lake in Britain is located in West Dunbartonshire, Scotland. Being the largest freshwater lake in Great Britain, it boasts of many islands including one of the largest fresh water islands in British Isles. Argyll and Bute is an administrative area in Scotland, being the second largest, it covers islands that spread across ... Read More »

Loch Langavat

Loch Langavat, Scotland, also known as the western isles and long islands are a geographic contiguous islands located on the west coast of Scotland. The location of the Hebrides separates these islands from the main land area of Scotland. The inhabitants mainly speak Scottish Gaelic, and others speak English. Loch Langavat topography in Scotland is characterized by bedrock, formed as ... Read More »

Lake Inari

Lake Inari, Finland is defined as Finland’s third largest lake. The Lake Inari is found in Inari, Lapland Province at the north of the Arctic Circle with co-ordinates 69N, and 28E. The lake covers over 1040 square km, has a maximum length of 80km, maximum width of about 50km, surface elevation of 118.7m, with an approximate shore length of 3308km ... Read More »

Great Glen and Lochness Highlands

Great Glen and Lochness Highlands Scotland are famous sites in Scotland, the former being commonly known for splitting Scotland in two, and the latter being a deep large freshwater body. The Great Glen was formed by glacier erosion, and minor earthquakes caused great fault that cut across the Scotland highlands. this geological fault is located Scotland and it is characterized ... Read More »


Gotland, Gotland, Sweden is the largest Swedish island and the largest Baltic Sea Island which covers 3183sq km most of which is land area, with its highest point being Lojsta Hed at 82m above sea level. The Gotland Island is located 90km east of the Sweden’s mainland with its capital at Visby and the nearest Baltic State is Latvia. The ... Read More »

Glencoe Highlands

The Glencoe highland is one of the spectacular highlands in Scotland. Located in the south eastern part of the lochaber area, it provides settlement for the Glencoe village The Glencoe is famous after the Glencoe massacre; this gives rise to its meaning the glen of weeping. The Glencoe is a narrow shaping, that is preceded by a glacier wide u ... Read More »

Fingal’s Cave

Fingal’s Cave, Inner Hebrides, Scotland holds a breathtaking seascape with eerie echo’s from the waves that give the cave a natural atmosphere. Located in Scotland, Staffa, it is a sea cave on an uninhabited island, with an astounding visual sight, that was discovered in 1772. The language spoken is the Scottish Gaelic. Fingal’s Cave, Inner Hebrides, Scotland is a72 ft ... Read More »

Falls of Glomach

Falls of Glomach, Highland, Scotland one of the highest water falls in Britain, is located in Ross shire Scotland. The 375 ft high falls in Britain are set in a narrow cleft remote country that is about 5 hour’s breath taking journey. Falls of Glomach, Highland, Scotland has is characterized by misty weathers that is over the hills, summer period ... Read More »