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Duncansby Stacks

Duncansby Stacks, Highland, Scotland is a strange and an impressive rock formation in the British Isles, found a few kilometers (about 2 miles) northeast of the coast of John O’Groats. These Duncansby Stacks in Scotland rise almost 210 feet out of the sea, above a narrow shore platform. The Great Stack is said to rise over 60m high above the ... Read More »

Cuillin Hills

Cuillin Hills, Isle of Skye, Scotland, is one of the classic sites in Scotland. They are a range of dramatic Rocky Mountains ranges on the Isle of Skye in Scotland. The red hills that are lower less rocky and are across the cuillins and it is for this reason that they are differentiated from the red hills by acquiring the ... Read More »

Borga Mountain

Borga Mountain, Vasterbotten, Sweden is a gorgeous and breathtaking mountain range located in the Antarctica region, with latitude of -72.53 and longitude of -3.5 degrees. The Borga Mountain in Vasterbotten, Sweden is said to have an elevation of 2594m (8510ft) and is ranked as the 13331 highest mountain in 106,826 mounts. The Borga Mountain is found in Vasterbotten, one of ... Read More »


Vatnajökull, the largest glacier of Iceland is situated in the south eastern region of this Icelandic country and stretches over 8,100 km² and counted as the largest glacier of European continent by volume that is 3,100 km³. It is categorized under ice cap glacier in central Iceland and like many glaciers of Iceland; it has a number of active and ... Read More »

Pulpit Rock

The Pulpit Rock also known as Preikestolen is a popular tourist attraction of Lysefjord situated in Ryfylke, in the county of Rogaland, in Norway. The recent Preikestolen fjellstue or the mountain lodge of Pulpit is sited at a height of 600 m above the sea level and it takes a two-hour hike through potholed terrain to have a splendid vision ... Read More »


Lofoten is actually an archipelago located at the western part of the Atlantic Ocean and towards the north of the Arctic Circle away from the Norway Coast. Lofoten Islands is desolately striking and its principal islands are namely Moskenesøy,Austvågøy, Flakstadøy, Gimsøy, Værøy, Vestvågøy and lastly the Røst. Hinnøy, the largest island of Norway in its southern end is located in ... Read More »

Lapp Gate

The Lapp Gate also called the Lapporten is the most idiosyncratic natural landmark of Sweden. It is situated in the northeast end of the country about 124 miles beyond the Arctic Circle. The Lapp Gate is actually an astonishing U-shaped valley created by glaciations and lies between the two tallest mountains of Sweden namely the Tjuonatjakka and the Nissotjarro. Lapp ... Read More »


Vestmannaeyjar volcanic system is composed of a group of volcanic islands that are basaltic with submarine cones that is located in the southernmost coast of Iceland. It is the east volcanic rift zone’s youngest volcanic center that divides east-central Iceland and occupies a shallow shelf of the south end. The recent eruptions that took place in Iceland are situated in ... Read More »


The Sognefjord is one of the longest and deepest fjords of Norway, located at the heart of Fjord Norway in the Sogn og Fjordane county of Norway. The region is the home to world class nature attractions as its majestic landscape has attracted tourists, mountain climbers as well as adventurers from over 150 years. UNESCO has declared the famous Nærøyfjord ... Read More »

Rost Reef

The Rost reef is found in Nordland located away from the Norwegian coast. It is considered to be the largest cold-water coral reef that lives in the frigid waters of Norway. The Rost Reef is about 40km long and its size is measured to be at least twice the actual size of Manhattan, USA. The massive coral reef in this ... Read More »