Natural Wonders of Georgia

What are the natural wonders of Georgia?  Discover and explore the Georgia wonders of nature and see which nature attraction is the best for the country, and which one beckons for a visit from travelers. Georgia nature attractions include amazing national parks, mountains, caves, lakes and more.  Look below and see some of the best nature attractions that Georgia, Europe ... Read More »

Natural Wonders of Turkey

What are the natural wonders of Turkey?  Discover and explore the Turkey wonders of nature and decide which is the country’s best nature attraction.  Turkey is often considered the bridge between Europe and Asia.  Some place it within the European boundaries whereas others claim it is part of Asia. Turkey is home to many wonders of nature that will appease ... Read More »

Natural Wonders of Estonia

What are the natural wonders of Estonia? Discover and explore the Estonia wonders of nature below and decide which is the best nature attraction for Estonia and for you to visit during your trip to this beautiful country. Below you will find amazing national parks and incredible waterfalls.  The country is worthy of vacation travels by nature lovers who like ... Read More »

Natural Wonders of Romania

What are the natural wonders of Romania?  Below you can explore some of Romania’s wonders of nature. A country rich in cultural and historical traditions, visitors will be blessed by the nature experiences this country has to offer. Romania wonders of nature feature caves, rock croppings, mountains and more. Romania Natural Wonder: Scărișoara Cave Under the Apuseni Mountains of Romania ... Read More »

Natural Wonders of Iceland

What are the natural wonders of Iceland?  Iceland is a small European country located in the Atlantic Ocean off northwest off the coast of Ireland and the United Kingdom.  One could argue that Iceland is the country that features the abundance of waterfalls as wonders of nature. Waterfalls are not the only wonders of nature featured in the country of ... Read More »

Natural Wonders of Bulgaria

Bulgaria, located in southeastern Europe, it is the 16th largest country in Europe.  Highlights of the country include the Balkan Mountains and the Danubian Plain.  These are just a taste of Bulgaria’s wonders of nature.  Water lovers have access to the Black Sea. Read the information below and discover the natural wonders of Bulgaria: Krushuna Falls Krushuna Falls is located ... Read More »

Natural Wonders of Bosnia

Bosnia, located on the Balkan Peninsula, is a Southeastern European country.  If it was not for 12 miles of coastland it would be a landlocked country.  It shares the largest common border with the country of Croatia.  Although more known for it historical significance, the country affords visitors with wonderful outdoor opportunities. Read below and discover the natural wonders of ... Read More »

Natural Wonders of Croatia

Croatia serves as a bridge between Central and Southeast Europe.  It borders the northern part of the Caribbean, east across the sea from Italy.  The Plitvice Lakes are one of the candidates for the Seven Natural Wonders of Europe and serve as a highlight wonder for Croatia. Discover the natural wonders of Croatia below: Plitvice Lakes National Park Considered as ... Read More »

Natural Wonders of Cyprus

Cyprus is an island country located in the Eastern Mediterranean near Turkey.  It is the third largest island in the Mediterranean.  Two mountain ranges occupy the majority of the island and created a picturesque landscape for visitors.  Mount Olympus is located on the island standing at 6,404 feet (1,952 m). Cyprus, although an island, is an amazing country filled with wonders ... Read More »

Natural Wonders of Czech Republic

The Czech Republic, bordered by four countries with Germany to the Northwest and Austria to the South, is a landlocked European country.  The mountains are lower and the terrain varies, but collectively the country provides the outdoor traveler with great encounters with nature.  Czech Republic wonders of nature are beautiful and worthy of exploration. Take a look below and discover ... Read More »