Natural Wonders of Belarus

What are the natural wonders of Belarus.  Belarus is a landlocked country located in Eastern Europe.  Over 40% of the country is forested provided an excellent opportunity for nature lovers to get outside and explore.  The Belarus wonders of nature can be explored below. Belavezhskaya Puscha As a natural wonder of Belarus, Belavezhskaya Pushcha is located on the watershed between ... Read More »

Natural Wonders of Andorra

What are the natural wonders of Andorra?  Andorra is located in the eastern Pyrenees mountains.  The country is landlocked and borders Spain and France.  It is the sixth smallest nation in Europe.  It is a wonder of nature destination for those who want to explore the mountains. Lake Engolasters Located in Andorra’s Encamp parish, Lake Engolasters is a lake that ... Read More »

Natural Wonders of Albania

What are the natural wonders of Albania?  The country is located in Southeaster Europe and features coastal borders on the Adriatic Sea to the west.  Tourism is one of the leading contributors to the economy with the coastal region being one of the primary draws.  The Albania Riviera serves as the catalyst wonder of nature for Albania. Albanian Riviera Part ... Read More »

Natural Wonders of Azerbaijan

Are there any natural wonders of Azerbaijan?  Azerbaijan is a European country located in southeastern Europe.  It could be considered one of the crossroads between Europe and Asia.  The Caspian Sea borders the country on the eastern side. Although a small country, Azerbaijan provides wonders of nature that appease many outdoor enthusiasts who travel to this country. Lake Boyukshor Also ... Read More »

Natural Wonders of Armenia

Most people don’t think of Armenia when wondering about a nature loving destination, but they would be mistaken.  Take a moment to review the natural wonders of Armenia, and you will see that the country does have some great outdoor places particularly for those who enjoy the mountains.  Of course, religious Christians looking to get a glimpse of the historical ... Read More »

United Kingdom

United Kingdom is a sovereign state situated on the northwest part of Europe. It includes the island of Ireland, Great Britain and many smaller islands. Apart from its neighboring countries, it is also surrounded by bodies of water like North Sea, English Channel, Atlantic Ocean and the Irish Sea. Its capital is known to be London, and the country’s territory ... Read More »

Natural Wonders of Poland

Poland, officially the republic of Poland, is in the central part of Europe and surrounded by Germany are the western part, Ukraine, Belarus and Lithuania in the east, Baltic Sea in the north and Czech Republic and Slovakia on the southern part. Its population is more than thirty eight million covering a wide area of 120,726 square miles. Its capital ... Read More »


Monaco, which is officially called Principality of Monaco, is a sovereign city on the French Riviera. Its neighboring country, France surrounds it in three sides with its center as Italy. Its vast area is at 1.98 square kilometers with a total population of 35,986 as of the year 2011. People in Monaco are called Monacans and their main language is ... Read More »


Macedonia, being officially Republic of Macedonia is located in the central peninsula of Southeast Europe. Previously, it was part of Yugoslavia and gained independence in 1991. This country is bordered by Kosovo in the northwest, Albania to the west, Greece in the south, and Serbia in the north. The capital is Skopje which is also its largest city. Its vast ... Read More »


Hungary or Republic of Hungary is found in the central part of Europe. It is boarded by Slovakia in the northern part, Romania and Ukraine in the eastern part, Croatia and Serbia in the southern part and Austria and Slovenia in the southwest that is why it is considered landlocked. The capital is Budapest, and it belongs to the top ... Read More »