Denmark is a Scandinavian country which refers to a historical, cultural and ethno-linguistic region in the northern part of Europe. This country is consisted of many islands, a large peninsula and hundreds of minor islands. Its vast land has an area of 16,359 square miles and its population is around 5,515,575 as of 2010. Its government is a constitutional monarchy ... Read More »


Belgium, a small country located in the north-western part of Europe, has been both great fortune and terrible sorrow of the country. It borders the three major trading nations of France, the Netherlands and Germany. By a very narrow strip of the North Sea, it is separated from the United Kingdom. Belgium became an important centre of industry and commerce, ... Read More »


This country located 25 percent in Eastern Europe and 75 percent in Northern Asia, is the largest country in the planet. It has a land area of almost 6.6 million square miles with a population of 139,400,000 in the 2010 estimate. And with this vast land that Russia acquires, there are many types of vegetation found here. Arctic tundra, boreal ... Read More »


This country in Europe is already a developed country that rivaled Spain in the conquest to colonize unknown lands during the early 16th century. They are the most powerful countries on that time and because of that, they improved faster than any other countries with the exception of Spain. And because of its early history, it is a place rich ... Read More »


This country is popular with the phrase “the land of the midnight sun”, which is only one of the many features that nature is offering both locals and tourists. Norway is found in the European continent, on the northern part; bordered by Sweden, Finland, and the Russian Federation. They have the great sunrise and sunset, which is common to almost ... Read More »


This European island is the third largest island in the continent, and the twentieth largest in the planet. It is divided into two: the Republic of Ireland which is about 83% of the island and the rest of the island is under Northern Ireland which is a piece of the United Kingdom. In the year 2005, Ireland was hailed the ... Read More »


With a population of about 9.3 million and considered as third largest country in terms of geographical area in the European Union, the Kingdom of Sweden has low density of residents living in its territory. It is situated in the northern part of the world and is bordered by major geographical areas namely the Gulf of Bothnia and Baltic Sea ... Read More »


This country is found south west of Europe and it is bordered by the Mediterranean Sea in its eastern part; France in its North; and Portugal in its northwest ends. Spain in its history is the one of the most powerful countries and colonizers along with Portugal, on their conquest to gold, land and glory. But today, most of the ... Read More »


This country is as old as Christianity itself, because here in this place we can find the founding of Catholicism; and its famous place for the pilgrims, the Vatican City, is found here. The unique Leaning Tower is also found here in Italy. Venice, which is also a city that is found here in this country, has also been popular ... Read More »

Natural Wonders of Germany

Germany is a regal country reflected by its impressive history, flourishing culture and technological advancement. With the nation’s desire for constant progress, it has found value in its own land from the way it strives to conserve its natural resources. Found at the western and central part of Europe, it is bounded by many counties mainly by Denmark, Poland, Austria ... Read More »