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A lot of natural wonders are found in this spectacular country just between European Russia and Sweden. With its 5.3 million people living in its 130,000 square miles of land and sea, Finland possesses nature that is way beyond those in other countries. There you can find amazing phenomena along with the diverse flora and fauna. Finland is a developed ... Read More »

Northern Lights

Northern Lights, Finland is described as breathtaking light phenomena which brighten the night sky, and can often be as bright as a full moon. Northern Lights, Finland is often observed during the darkest times of the year, often in the wintertime, in the northern Polar Regions including Finland. These Aurora Borealis vary in color from blue and violet to yellowish ... Read More »

Lake Inari

Lake Inari, Finland is defined as Finland’s third largest lake. The Lake Inari is found in Inari, Lapland Province at the north of the Arctic Circle with co-ordinates 69N, and 28E. The lake covers over 1040 square km, has a maximum length of 80km, maximum width of about 50km, surface elevation of 118.7m, with an approximate shore length of 3308km ... Read More »