Abisko National Park

Sweden is home to spectacular national parks in large numbers and the Abisko National Park is the most scenic of all. Located in Lapland province near the border of Norway, in the Kiruna Municipality, the National Park acquires an area is about 77 km². The park begins from the Torne träsk shores, the largest lake of Sweden it stretched to 15 kilometers towards the south-west. The Arctic Circle is only 195 kilometers north of the Abisko National Park in Sweden.

The national park was established in the year 1909 and is has mountain ranges, fresh water lake, low-lying valley, Abiskojokka River that flows through the park, deep canyons and steep cliff walls to heighten the scenic beauty of the Abisko National Park. The deep canyons and the steep cliff walls are the real life evidence of the geological activities in the area and speaks of the violent geological past.

If you want to view the striking beauty of the Lappland, Abisko national Park is the best place to start. Start from Nikkaluotka, a Lapp village for the 425 kilometer long Kungsleden or the King’s Way hiking trail and take the path to Riksgransen towards the Norwegian border and have breathtaking view of the natural wonder of the place.

The national park is renowned for offering excellent skiing opportunities, snowshoeing with various entertaining winter sports. The Arctic Circle is only 195 km away and the area enjoy the daylight the glimmer through the Abiskojokka and summer hikers come to enjoy the view of the midnight sun.

The park is the host to numerous bird species and mammals, such as the marten, the fell lemming, squirrel, moose, reindeer arctic foxes, wolverines and bears and various other wild animals. The park also has numerous rare plants like the Lapp orchid which is a protected flower of the country as it is not found anywhere else.