A lot of natural wonders are found in this spectacular country just between European Russia and Sweden. With its 5.3 million people living in its 130,000 square miles of land and sea, Finland possesses nature that is way beyond those in other countries. There you can find amazing phenomena along with the diverse flora and fauna. Finland is a developed country but this does not affect the natural wonders in their area. Forests, seas and snowy mountains are some of its popular tourist spot attraction, including the activities one could enjoy such as walking, biking, skiing, diving and a whole lot more.

Aurora Borealis in Finland
Ancient belief tell us of lights created by foxes playing in the snowy mountains, locally termed as revolution, is in reality the magnificent bands of light created by the collision of charged particles usually found in regions with high latitude such as in the Arctic and Antarctic. These dancing lights dominate the nights of the Finnish Laplands, in which about 200 occurrences is recorded every year. It is also believed that this phenomenon causes electric discharges that may, in effect, result to electricity produced even if there is no source. When you encounter this amazing scene in Finland, surely you will be astonished by the mystery and splendor it gives during night time.

Finland’s Underwater Diversity
The coastal waters that are usually cold and deserted, usually algae and fishes that are common are found. Finland is covered with a water area of about 13,000 square miles, in which the surface is home to algae and common fishes. But beyond this vast waters lay a diverse marine life with its plants and animals. One cannot find this ecosystem because of the depth that it takes in which the visibility becomes reduced. But nevertheless, if one is seeking for the natural wonders underwater, then Finland is very much a place to go to. Surely the photographs that you take under the coast of Finland will be one of a kind!

Saimaa Watercourse
The largest lake in Finland and the fifth in Europe, Lake Saimaa provides tourists with amazing scenery. And with its canal that flows from Lappeenranta to Vyborg in which canoeing is developed, you will be guided in a two to three week travel from the towns of Mikkeli and Savonlinna. This will be a perfect experience for you and your family or friends as you take this unforgettable trip in Finland. The networks of rivers in the Saimaa watercourse gives rise to the term “paradise of peddlers”. The clear waters and the abundant life in the islands add to the amazement when taking a water trip here.

Along with the snowy Alps and Highlands that formed in this country millions of years ago, forests and bogs are also found. The forests are mostly covered in coniferous trees growing along East of Russia and Siberia. They are still untouched and in fact, you can still see amazing formations such as anthills and rare flowers. Animals are also rich in these areas – birds, mammals, and insects make the diverse wildlife in Finland’s land.

Lapland’s Richness
The richness of this region comes from its biodiversity, aside from the development in this northernmost and the largest region in Finland. The land features a lot of profiles such as wild forests and open fells make up the homes of these animals and plants that have adapted to the changing of environment. Variations in the season give Lapland changing effects on the environment – snows in the winter, mild and light summer, and the famous “land of the midnight sun” experienced in some areas in Finland. This is the perfect place for tourists who want to stay for a long time and enjoy the beauty of nature.