Geiranger Fjord

The Geiranger fjord is actually a fjord located in the southwestern part of More og Romsdal countyand towards the northern end in Norway. The Geirangerfjord is surrounded by splendid, snow-capped mountain peaks, natural waterfalls as well as lush green vegetation that enhance the scenic grandeur of the place. The total length of the Geirangerfjord is about 15 kilometers and the depth is about 600 meters

Towards the end of this fjord in a small village called Geiranger, the river Geirangelva empties into this place.  In the year 2005, the West Norwegian Fjords was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site where Geirangerfjord is part of it and this makes the fjord, one of the most visited tourist spot in Norway. The West Norwegian Fjords is composed of two areas namely the Nærøyfjord area and the Geirangerfjord area. More than 200 cruise ships with about 700,000 tourists or more visit  Geirangerfjord to see the Natural Wonders of the Earth every year.

Once you visit Geirangerfjord, the top things you should do is to take cruise and sightseeing trips around Geirangerfjord. Opt to kayak on the region or visit those famous viewpoints namely the Ornevegen Flydalsjuvet and Dalsnibba. The must visit place in this region is the Geiranger Fjord Centre. You are highly recommended to go for Geirangerfjord Safari on open RIB boats to experience the picturesque magnificence of the place

The Herdalssetra Mountain Farm and the Trollstigen Mountain Road are the most visited area of the region by the tourists. Few visitors love to raft down the  Valldøla River in the village of Valldal in this region. Skiing is another activity most visitors try once they are in this region.