Great Glen and Lochness Highlands

Great Glen and Lochness Highlands Scotland are famous sites in Scotland, the former being commonly known for splitting Scotland in two, and the latter being a deep large freshwater body. The Great Glen was formed by glacier erosion, and minor earthquakes caused great fault that cut across the Scotland highlands. this geological fault is located Scotland and it is characterized by footpaths, forestry track, stretch road and canal paths, this is what attracts the long distance walkers, cyclists and nature explorers to take advantage of these breath taking sites.

The large deep fresh water of the Great Glen and Lochness Highlands Scotland, is part of these geographical fault, the long ribbon like deep fresh water has been caused by the fault line of the great glen. The nature walkers also use the rivers that connect the great glen as part of their route.

The Great Glen and Lochness Highlands Scotland is a great site has the highest point that is dome shaped, and the glen filled with glacier, with steep slopes that are well known till now. The lochness lake is one of the largest, weak tea colored body of freshwater in British isle, that contains a lot of fresh water more than all the lakes in England and wales. These area in Scotland is a major tourist attraction all year round, due to the myth about the lochness monster, people flock the area to see if they can spot this legendary monster. These site are also known for hosting a variety of fish species like the European eel, pike, and salmon.