Located in the southeastern part of Europe, Greece is almost synonymous to the word “ancient”. Having played a role as the breeding grounds of ancient philosophical mind like the likes of Plato and Aristotle, this relatively temperate country is also blessed with nature with its lush vegetation in places where one is seemingly trapped in paradise. The 12th longest coastline can be found in Greece, which extends 8,498 miles and roughly 80% of Greece is composed of mountains to which the famous Mt. Olympus hails as the highest.

Mt. Olympus
This highest mountain in Greece is situated between the border of Macedonia and Thessaly which skyrockets to 9,570 ft if measured in the Mytikas peak. Greek mythology believes that this mountain is home to the Twelve Olympian Gods and was believed to be formed after the triumph against the Titans. With an estimate of 10,000 people who climb here each year, Mt. Olympus is a haven for serious climbers who want to bring on the action. Aside from the richness in terms of Greek myths, Mt. Olympus is home to different faunal species, which adds beauty to this gigantic Greek icon.

The Eastern Orthodox religion is one of the religions that have flourished in Greece. They have monasteries all over the land and one of the most important complexes of monasteries of the Eastern Orthodox religion can be found nowhere else than in the place called Meteora. Six monasteries sit on top of sandstone rock pillars. Meteora is recognized by the UNESCO as one of its Heritage Sites. Climate varies, wherein during summer it is very hot and when winter comes, temperature go rapidly down. Throughout the scenery you can see very huge rock formations that seem to be suspended on air.

Mt. Athos
This mountain is situated on a peninsula on northern Greece and is also considered to be a World Heritage Site by the UNESCO. There are strict rules regarding the in habitation in this mountain because the Eastern Orthodox church only allow males of who practice their religion and who are 18 years old can live here either as workers or monks. The downside is that only male visitors are allowed to enter the so-called “Garden of the Virgin” which is another name of this deemed to be Holy Mountain according To Eastern Orthodox Christians. Mt. Athos is governed by the Holy Community in which they implement stringent mechanisms with regards to visitation.

The Aegean Sea is one the famous seas in Europe and just south of the Aegean Sea or around 200 kilometers southeast from Greece’s mainland lies the island of Santorini. This is absolutely a majestic island which arose from a per-historic volcanic eruption. Natural phenomenon brought natural beauty, which is very evident in this island. Popular of its white houses on top of a mountain range along the coast, Santorini is undoubtedly one of the best places for relaxation. The climate is perfect for those who want to take warm air and get away from the cold climate up north. It has an airport for an easier travel and it also has a booming wine industry.

Samaria Gorge
Few of ancient civilizations were in gorges, and in Greece, the Samaria Gorge is one of the most popular tourist destinations which one should not miss. This gorge is believed to traverse up to 18 kilometers and was formed because of a small river between the White Mountains and Mt. Volakias, both are also popular sites in Greece. One species of goat is said to be restricted in the gorge alone, the very rare Cretan goat. Travelling agencies can provide you means of visiting this place which includes transportation and a tour guide.