Natural Wonders of Europe

Natural Wonders of Europe is an educational endeavor and part of the Natural Wonders Network.  The natural wonders network is a comprehensive effort leveraging online communities and networks to engage the global community with amazing natural attractions available across the continent of Europe.

The mission of the Natural Wonders of Africa is to motivate the global community to Discover, Explore, and Learn about the wonders of nature found across Europe.  The continent is renowned for architectural, cultural and historical significance.  Buckingham Palace, the Roman Colosseum, the Acropolis, and the Eiffel Tower are often the first things people think of when visiting and exploring Europe.  Although the continent is so rich in architectural and historical diversity, nature is still powerfully present.

We are committed to provide you with the insights you need to know about each of these wonders of nature as well as the imagery to bring them to life.  As you get to know Europe, it is impossible not to go beyond the churches and fantastic architecture to develop a true appreciation of the wonders of nature found across the continent.  The more you discover the natural wonders of Europe, the more likely you will become committed to caring for all it has to offer.


Natural Wonders Network

The mission of the Natural Wonders Network is to create a philosophy and practice of conservationism by exposing the community to the wonders of nature around the world.

The network is open to collaborate with those who are committed to protecting nature and wildlife, fostering ecotourism, and promoting conservation efforts.

The network is not an official organization and there are no ties between the organizations represented.  The purpose of the network is to help you find organizations that are committed to protecting the natural world we call home.  Below you will find access to the other continents or regions of the world.

Natural Wonders of Europe


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Discovering and Exploring Europe

Europe may not be the first place you think of when you contemplate exploring wilderness and natural wonders, however, don’t be fooled.  Europe may have its spectacular architecture and stunning churches, but it is also wealthy with wilderness worthy of exploration.  Matter of fact, even though Europe is the smallest continent, its diversity and abundance of wonders of nature make it a challenge to cover fully in any one endeavor.

You are invited to explore the sites and organizations that are committed to educating you on the natural wonders of Europe.  More importantly, you are encouraged to explore those who are committed to protecting and conserving Europe’s wonders of nature. 

Seven Natural Wonders provides information on the seven natural wonders of Europe as well as the seven natural wonders of the world.  Although most people don’t think of Europe first for nature, check out the 7 Wonders of Europe to get a glimpse of what it has to offer.

UNESCO showcases the World Heritage Sites found around the world and across Europe.  World Heritage Sites may be historical achievements of mankind, natural wonders, or sites that intertwine the achievements of mankind into the splendor of natural landscapes. 

Global Alliance of National Parks educates the world on the majestic facets of nature protected in the world’s national parks.  Europe has many national parks protecting many wonderful facets of nature found across the continent.  Come Discover, Explore and Learn about the national parks of Europe.

Conservation International is a nonprofit with conservation efforts going on around the world.  Discover what they are doing to protect the natural wonders of Europe.