Northern Europe

Northern Europe is comprised of more than the Scandinavian countries.  It is a region of Europe with an abundance of natural wonder attractions.  You are invited to discover and explore some of Europe’s wonders of nature below:

Denmark Natural Wonders


Featuring a wide variety of rugged coastlines and picturesque landscapes.

Estonia Natural Wonders


Bountiful stretches of pristine wilderness waiting to be hiked and explored.

Finland Natural Wonders


This is the most forested country in all of Europe and that’s not all.

Iceland Natural Wonders


This may be one of the world’s capitals for waterfall wonders. Come see now.

Ireland Natural Wonders


Green pastures and rolling hills are there, but there is so much more to discover.

Latvia Natural Wonders


A hidden gem in the north that is worth every bit of effort to explore her nature.

Lithuania Natural Wonders


The Baltic Sea gives way to dunes and other wilderness that attracts visitors.

Norway Natural Wonders


One of the best places to see the Northern Lights as well as abundant wilderness.

Russia Natural Wonders


The tallest mountain in Europe is only the peak of what natural wonders exist.

Sweden Natural Wonders


Roaring rivers, rugged gorges, and majestic mountains create a wilderness haven. 

United Kingdom Natural Wonders

United Kingdom

Royalty and castles come to mind but nature abounds, so come explore.