Eastern Europe

Many of the Eastern European countries have former ties to the Soviet Union.  However, you will find an intermingling between Russian influence and their own cultural heritage.   

The cultural experience is worth exploring, however, it is important to note that the area is rich in natural wonders as well.  You are invited to explore East Europe’s wonders of nature below:

Belarus natural wonders


The country features pristine wilderness the welcomes the exploring that loves nature.

Bulgaria natural wonders


This small country offers spectacular wonders of nature and untouched wilderness.

Georgia Natural Wonders


One of the most beautiful countries bordering Europe and Asia.

Romania natural wonders


With multiple national parks and other wilderness areas, this is a nature have.

Russia Natural Wonders


Russia is represented both in the north and eastern parts of Europe for good reason.

Ukraine Natural Wonders


The natural wonders of the Ukraine are coming Soon.  Please Come Back