Central Europe

There are multiple definitions of what countries make up the Central Europe region. This is not intended to be a definitive grouping but rather a general demographic area.

Central Europe might affectionately be called the heart of Europe.  There are some amazing countries and an abundance of natural wonders to experience.  You are invited to discover and explore the wonders of nature of Central Europe presented below:

Austria natural wonders


The hills are alive as well as so much more.  Natural Wonders of Austria await.

Croatia Natural Wonders


Featuring one of Europe’s 7 Natural Wonders. Come visit and see why.

Czech Republic Natural Wonders

Czech Republic

Most people don’t think nature, but they would be mistaken.  Bountiful nature!


From the Wadden Sea to the Black Forest, there is so much nature to explore.

Hungary Natural Wonders


Caverns, mountains, forests, waterfalls and more.  Come explore our wonders.

Poland natural wonders


Poland features wilderness and natural wonders built for hiking and exploring

Slovakia Natural Wonders


Rolling hills and majestic mountains set the backdrop for amazing sunsets.

Slovenia natural wonders


The natural wonders of Slovenia are coming soon.  Please come back.

Switzerland natural wonders


The matterhorn is the epitome of the Alps and one of the pinnacle attractions.