Southern Europe

Southern Europe features a number of countries connected to the Mediterranean Sea.  Without question, there is some spectacular cultural and historical adventures in the area.  However, there are an abundance of natural wonders as well.  Come explore Southern Europe’s wonders of nature.

Albania Natural Wonders


A country rich in cultural history intertwined in the wonders of nature.

Bosnia Natural Wonders


Mountains, waterfalls, forests and more.  Bosnia has it all to explore.

Croatia Natural Wonders


The Plitvice Lakes might be the prettiest in the world and there is so much more.

Greek Natural Wonders


The Greek gods knew where to live, come discover and explore why.

Italy Natural Wonders


Maybe the best country for the eclectic traveler with nature as the icing.

Malta Natural Wonders


This island nation features an abundance of beautiful beaches.

Montenegro Natural Wonders


The natural wonders of Montenegro are coming soon.  Please come back.

Macedonia Natural Wonders

North Macedonia

Mountains, forests, and stunning wilderness are present and ready for exploration.

Serbia Natural Wonders


The natural wonders of Serbia are coming Soon.  Please Come back to explore.