Denmark is a Scandinavian country which refers to a historical, cultural and ethno-linguistic region in the northern part of Europe. This country is consisted of many islands, a large peninsula and hundreds of minor islands. Its vast land has an area of 16,359 square miles and its population is around 5,515,575 as of 2010. Its government is a constitutional monarchy with parliament system. According to surveys, Denmark is one of the nations wherein people are happy and have the best quality of life. Denmark is categorized as a maritime nation since it borders by the Baltic and North Sea. This beautiful country invites you to an hour long drive along its breath taking seashores added to its white sand beaches. Denmark is where the forest meets the sea.

William Bay National Park
One of the country’s riches is the William Bay National Park located fifteen kilometers to the west of Denmark. The expansively white beach elongates to the west; passing the rock guardians of the rock pool across Williams Bay and Mazzoletti Beach. It also protects the forest and coastline between Denmark and Walpole which is in the south coast area. Within the national park is the Green’s Pool, which is enclosed by sloping rock formations, which are perfect for anybody. On days when the wind is not present, the rocks create a perfect house for enjoying a wind-free day by the beach. If you love snorkeling, the absence of waves makes it a perfect place to look for different fish types from small fish to huge sting-rays. You will also find a wide area of karri trees which covers the landscape of the park. During spring, colorful wildflowers are what you will see.

Walpole–Nornalup National Park
Walpole–Nornalup National Park covers nearly 20,000 hectares around the Walpole and Nornalup rivers. You will find several tree species in the area which include karri, marri, tingle, jarrah, banksias and casuarinas. If you want to see Salmon swimming along, it is recommended to visit between the months of February and April. If you walk further about four kilometers, you will reach the Valley of the Giants. This is a unique attraction where visitors can stroll in the tree tops up to 40 meters above the forest floor.

Elephant Rocks & Elephant Cove
Elephant Rocks & Elephant Cove is also found in William Bay National Park. As it name implies, Elephant Rocks looks the same as to the elephant’s herds. It is accessible whole year round where it offers exciting activities like snorkeling, diving and swimming. In addition to these activities mentioned, you will find picture taking and photography a hit.

Ocean Beach
Ocean Beach is another tourist attraction for visitors who are surfers, nature lovers and beach lovers. The beach is a perfect getaway for its white sand and crystal blue waters. Surrounding it is a bird haven which makes it a perfect spot for bird viewing. You can also take a nice walk along the beach with cold air embracing you. As a proof of this nice beach, it was already nominated as one of the top five beaches conducive to learn surfing.

Mount Frankland National
Mount Frankland National Park is along the Rainbow Coast where your hiking activity is really different. You can start from the feet of many karri trees all the way up towards the top of the high canopy. For the more physically fit visitors, you can take a walk around the summit in the Summit Loop. The trail goes around Mount Frankland, and gives more than 50 different bird species like cockatoos, forest songsters and nocturnal birds, and covers 31,000 hectares of land.