Duncansby Stacks

Duncansby Stacks, Highland, Scotland is a strange and an impressive rock formation in the British Isles, found a few kilometers (about 2 miles) northeast of the coast of John O’Groats. These Duncansby Stacks in Scotland rise almost 210 feet out of the sea, above a narrow shore platform. The Great Stack is said to rise over 60m high above the summit of the cliff adjacent to it. These stacks are found precisely in the Duncansby Head which is found at the northeastern tip of Scotland’s mainland; it contains various other breathtaking views such as a gorgeous coastline, various rare birds and marine mammals that occupy the cliffs and surrounding waters and a lighthouse that was constructed in 1924.

Duncansby Stacks, Highland, Scotland is rumored to resemble Mordor, a fiction site out of the popular book ‘Lord of the Rings’ by J.R.Tolkien. These pointed Duncansby Stacks can be accessed by short walks along the coast from the town through well-worn paths. Visitors can drive east from John O’Groats, or use public buses from O’Groats to the Ducansby Head, then the walk from the lighthouse at Duncansby Head following the signs to the cliff top from where one can view the stacks and other variety of wildlife.; one can return via the same route, thus making the Duncansby Stacks easy to access and visit at any time of the year though the stacks are obscured by tides in the evenings.

Visitors to Duncansby Stacks should be careful when walking these routes since the ground gets mushy though wooden walking boards are provided.