Famous for the Eiffel Tower in the city of Paris, France is a country located in the western side of Europe and has shared a very big role in terms of global political activities and was also involved during World War 1. It is a first world country which possesses a rich culture and remarkable civilization history. But deep within its territory lies the innate beauty of France, blessed by natural wonders which add to the aesthetic value of the country, attracting tourists and guests. In this article, we shall travel to France and explore what nature has prepared for us as we unveil this European country.

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Mercantour National Park
With summits reaching heights over 10,300 feet (3,140 m), Mercantour National Park is a picturesque park with amazing mountain ranges, the colorful Verdon Canyon, while also include cultural heritage with an abundance of ancient petroglyphs.

Hikers will be in a natural paradise with over 370 miles of trails to explore through the park and canyon area.

Étretat is located in the northern part of France in the Haute-Normadie region. It faces the northern seas of France and boasts a very fine-finished white cliffs perfect for relaxation. There are also white sand beaches below the cliffs which will bring delight to beach bums and beach lovers. The cliffs also have some leg-like extensions towards the sea and have very green grasslands on top perfect for picnics and lunch-puts. When taking a tour in to this natural wonder, always make sure that you bring with you some swimming gear and beach chairs so that you can totally enjoy the views and the beach.

Vanoise National Park
Just like any other national parks, the Vanoise National Park has been home to environmentalist movements, with their battle-cry of environmental protection. The park is rich in different plant species and projects a majestic view of mountains and cliffs. Getting to Vanoise National Park would quite take you some time but it is best accessible with a private car. Don’t worry, a plain sight of the French Alps which seems like to be mountains of sweet chocolates is already enough to compensate the long travel. If you love to take photos, a panoramic view of the park is very ideal, so pack-up your tripods and lenses with you.

Pyrenees National Park
The Pyrenees mountain range is much larger than the national park.  There are two neighboring national parks protecting the range and natural resources it represents.

Pyrenees National Park is the French side of the protected aea, whereas Ordesa and Monte Perdido National Park represents the Spain side.

Lake Annecy
This lake is shared by France and Switzerland, where it is known as the Lake Geneva in the latter country. The lake is huge, and was said to be formed 18,000 years ago. In some lakeside areas, there are parks and cafes for family. For tourists, a morning French toast and coffee along the lakeside is perfect. You can also cast you baits along the lake and wait for your next big catch. If you do have plans of touring around the lake via boats, just make arrangements with tourist official. The blue waters paired with the green grasses make you feel that you are in paradise.

Gavarnie Falls
This is the tallest waterfall in all of France which boasts a 422 meter drop. The water from the falls comes from melted ice and glaciers in Spain. The waterfall is so cold and sits alongside big rocks surrounded by cliffs. You can take a closer look of the waterfall if you would go down from the cliff’s viewing deck. The amazing thing about this waterfall is that it totally freezes during winter. A visit to the Gavarnie Falls will truly satisfy landscape photographers.

French Alps
Standing at 4,180 meters in height, the French Alps is the next destination to people who want to go extremes. The freezing peak has been trekked by many mountaineers but a visit around the foot of the mountain will still be ideal for tourists. The foot of the Alps is rich in different species of plants. But if you do want to try adventure, you must move a step higher and reach the elevated area where there are ski parks waiting for you. You may be an extreme adventurer or just a plain tourist, the French Alps will never fail you.