Geysirs and Strokkur

Geysirs and Strokkur are amazingly beautiful hot springs located in the south western part of Iceland and important tourist destination of the country.  When you enter the Geysir Park, you will be surprised to catch the sight of the phenomenal steam that rises from hot springs or its vents and its vapors are spread all over the area. Geysir started to erupt as early as in the 14th century, nut stopped erupting in the 20th century. But recent volcanic activity was responsible for reactivating Geysir which renewed to life. Thus there is no specific time for Geysir eruption.

The eruptions usually hurl 60 meters of boiling water up in the air. But the eruptions are usually sporadic as yr stopped for years and then started again after a long time. Geysirs erupts when boiling water inside the geyser is captivated by a layer of cooler water just above it and explodes by hurling to the plane. Geysir is also called The Great Geysir is sited in the valley of Haukadalur valley on the Laugarfjall hill slopes and considered as one of the oldest known geyser of the world. In the Geyser area, visitors work through numerous marked walking paths which ends up to the torrid vents as well as vivid, mud formations rich in minerals and hot springs and great to work.

Strokkur geyser lies about 400 meters south of Geysir.Strokkur spurt about 60 to 100 feet of steaming water up in the air.It erupts much more regularly compared to Geysir and erupts every five minutes approximately. Like Geysir, the activity of Strokkur is influenced by earthquakes but to a lesser extent. Apart from Strokkur, there are about thirty small geysers as well as hot pools around the Geysir Park known as Litli Geysir.