Glencoe Highlands

The Glencoe highland is one of the spectacular highlands in Scotland. Located in the south eastern part of the lochaber area, it provides settlement for the Glencoe village The Glencoe is famous after the Glencoe massacre; this gives rise to its meaning the glen of weeping. The Glencoe is a narrow shaping, that is preceded by a glacier wide u shaped glen.

The Glencoe highlands are characteristic of softer beauty landscape with wild and precipitous mountains. Different peaks that are very distinct are also a feature to reckon with at these spectacular highlands.

Glencoe highland was formed as a result of super volcano eruption that pre dates to millions of years ago, but the volcano is extinct. The glaciations that occurred during the ice age has shaped the landscape that pre dates to thousands of years ago.

Glencoe highland is a spectacular site that has scenic qualities and a rich history, and attraction to nature walkers and explorers, and long distance walkers making it a major tourist attraction especially during winter because the visitors can take advantage of the easy access and winter climbing. Visitors are attracted to the caves and waterfalls that are a scenic site. The place also attracts film makers like the harry potter got a chance to film on of their movies.
The weather at the Glencoe highlands is snowy to mild and bright even during winters, this is also another attraction of these highlands. The red deer, fox, roe deer, abundant bird life, are the fauna that is found in this area.