This country is as old as Christianity itself, because here in this place we can find the founding of Catholicism; and its famous place for the pilgrims, the Vatican City, is found here. The unique Leaning Tower is also found here in Italy. Venice, which is also a city that is found here in this country, has also been popular as a place for lovers to have a romantic date. And aside from Italy’s rich culture and history, it also holds some of the natural wonders that are famous in the country.

Blue Grotto
Found on the coast of Capri in Italy, this grotto is named such because of the light that enters this rock structure and illuminates a blue light. The size of this grotto is so enormous that tourists can easily get inside with the help of a small boat. But the entrance of this place is a bit narrow so one must lie down in order to enter safely. Once you go inside, you will be thrilled with the emanating lights that it reflects, especially the blue lights dancing along the waves.

Natural Arch
This natural arch is also found in Capri, and it signifies the sculptures that date back on the Paleolithic Era, which is the only evidence of a spacious cave with a high cavity underground. This arch was discovered because of a landslide and it was said that the rocks are in the process of erosion in which it creates a natural bridge between two rocks. Tourists can make the landscape of the arch plus the scenery of the wonderful sea behind a very good picture frame that tells about their wonderful trip to Italy.

Grand Paradise National Park
The Grand Paradise National Park is Italy’s first national park made and it has an area of about 70,000 hectares that covers hundreds of meters of valleys and Gran Paradise. This was made a national park for the main reason of protecting the Ibex from total extinction, and fortunately they were successful in doing that. Some wonderful creatures living there are the golden eagles and the marmots. Now, people can enjoy the majestic view of the panoramic scenery of mountains covered in snow and the diverse flora and fauna residing in the mountains.

Raganello Canyons
Inside the Pollino National Park in Italy lies one of the wonderful natural wonders of the country. The Raganello Canyons is divided into two; one is the Gola di Barile and the other is the Gola del Raganello, in which these two makes a passageway amidst Timpe’s rocky mountains. The walls of the Raganello canyons provide some streams to flow and other features such as vertical canyons with numbers of waterfalls that are separated by potholes. The most popular canyons are named Grimavoloand Caccavo, which is the longest and more interesting to see by the tourists.

Lake Garda
This is the largest lake found in Italy that is filled with rich historical and natural wonders. Study shows that the creation of the Lake Garda is related to the time when the formation of the Alps began. The rich vegetation of this lake makes wonderful scenery for tourists, with plants such as olive groves and vineyards that are common in an alpine region. The amazing view such as the sunrise and sunset allows the tourists to enjoy their vacation in a natural manner. And on top of that, tourists can do activities such as windsurfing and sailing with its ideal wind for such activities. This place is also constructed with tennis courts, basketball courts; and the best game to play in this lovely lake, golf.