Kjosfossen is a waterfall located in the Sogn og Fjordane county in Norway. The waterfall is one of the most visited tourist attractions in the Aurland municipality of Norway. The height of the waterfall is 93 m and is accessible by train only.
Travelers flock around the place from December to get the sense experience of the waterfall. It is at this time that the snow as well as the frozen waterfall gains its vivacity. Tourists take the Flåm Line to see the world class attraction as the train moves straight facing the waterfall and moves over the lower section of the waterfall. The main station also known as the Myrdal Station and is about 4 miles away from the waterfall.

Kjosfossen is a wide and hourglass-shaped waterfall and the traveler can actually have a glimpse of the waterfall as the train stops in two place to show the travelers the beauty an wonder of the place at least two times. Tourists’ get down in a large viewing platform and capture the memories of their travel to this waterfall in their camera. During the peak tourist season especially in summers, performers are seen to dances and sings at the front of the waterfall when the trains come into the station and this adds to the entertainment value of the place. The tourists are really amused when they notice the high-pitched music followed by dancing ladies in front of the waterfall near the Myrdal Station. Reinunga Lake is the main source f waters of Kjosfossen waterfall which can be seen from the train itself.