Kongsfjorden also known as the Kings Bay is a bay situated on the western coast of Spitsbergen island that is said to be a part of the Svalbard archipelago in Norway. The inlet of Kongsfjorden lies in the Arctic Ocean and stretches over 16 miles or 26 m inland with its width ranges from 6 to 14 km. Kongsfjorden is one of the Natural wonders of the Earth of Europe in terms of the picturesque grandeur of the region.

It is in Kongsfjorden of Norway the temperate waters of the Atlantic Ocean meet with the freezing waters of the Arctic Ocean. There are two larger glaciers namely the Kronebreen and Kongsvegen located nearby that is the gateway to the fjord. Thus the region is a proliferation ground for creating numerous fascinating sequence of biological progression between the water bodies with the sea base. Freshwater come from these dynamic tidal glaciers near the fjord and meet at Kongsfjorden. The marine biologists discover numerous species and keep ardent curiosity in learning those lively marine environment caused by the union of the two waters.

Ny-Ă…lesund is a coal-mining town, situated near the southern part of the shore of Kongsfjorden inlet. This town is a major town among the four permanent settlements of Spitsbergen Island. This place is a major shore break for cruises and tourists flock in this place for cruises to catch the sight of the natural wonders of Kongsfjorden and its scenic beauty. But the worrying factor behind this is that it causes major intervention for scientific research as sensitive scientific devices are set all over the settlement.