Lake Inari

Lake Inari, Finland is defined as Finland’s third largest lake. The Lake Inari is found in Inari, Lapland Province at the north of the Arctic Circle with co-ordinates 69N, and 28E. The lake covers over 1040 square km, has a maximum length of 80km, maximum width of about 50km, surface elevation of 118.7m, with an approximate shore length of 3308km and an average water volume of 15.9 cubic meters. The Lake Inari empties into the Varangerfjord through the Paatsjoki at its north.

Lake Inari, Finland has over 3000 islands; however, the Lake Inari has two well known islands; the ‘Graveyard Island’ also called Hautuumaasaari which is rumored to be the final resting place of the ancient Sami people. Another of the two famous islands is the Ukovivi Island also known as Ukko’s Stone as is said that the ancient inhabitants of the island used it as a sacrifice place.

Lake Inari, Finland is a fisherman’s paradise with an abundance of all species of fish such as pike, trout, lake salmon, perch and white fish. The Lake Inari has featured in various literary works too; example, in the ‘His Dark Materials’ book series, the author Philip Pullman used the Lake Inari as the home of one of the characters, the witch Serafina Pekkala. Lake Inari in Lappi, Finland is therefore an idyllic destination to visit in the Finnish region though from early November to Early June, the Lake Inari experiences a freezing period.