Lapp Gate

The Lapp Gate also called the Lapporten is the most idiosyncratic natural landmark of Sweden. It is situated in the northeast end of the country about 124 miles beyond the Arctic Circle. The Lapp Gate is actually an astonishing U-shaped valley created by glaciations and lies between the two tallest mountains of Sweden namely the Tjuonatjakka and the Nissotjarro. Lapp Gate’s highest elevation is measured to be about 5,725 ft. It is a entirely proportioned valley and appears to be a gigantic hole that is slash from the mountain range when looked from a distance. The width of the valley is about 2 km and is said to be the souvenir of the last ice age. It is probably one of the most depicted objects in Sweden.

The Lapp Gate is considered as the gateway to Lappland of Sweden. It is an enthralling place and is the home to the native Lapp people, and wild life like the reindeer and the wild tundra. Lapporten is in the southeast part of Abisko National Park and its sami name is Cuonjavággi that means the valley in the mountain ridge.

From Abisko National Park, you can begin a 280 miles hiking trail and move further south to the Hemavan. The entire hiking route to the region of Lappland including the Lapporten will take more than a month if you are interested to see some of the finest boondocks and natural wonders of the country that is exclusive of its kind in Europe. That is the vast open lands of the tundra region and forest that leads to infinite seclusion.