Lofoten is actually an archipelago located at the western part of the Atlantic Ocean and towards the north of the Arctic Circle away from the Norway Coast. Lofoten Islands is desolately striking and its principal islands are namely Moskenesøy,Austvågøy, Flakstadøy, Gimsøy, Værøy, Vestvågøy and lastly the Røst. Hinnøy, the largest island of Norway in its southern end is located in Lofoten.

Lofoten archipelago acquires the land area of about 1,227 square km and is popular for attracting the attention of tourists from all across the Globe. The main attraction of this region is the terrifying marine phenomenon that takes place away from the shores called the Maelström. It is also called the Moskstraumen system of tidal eddies.

The tourists are amazed to see the scenic attractions of Lofoten Islands, in their mountains and peaks, extended seashore, cozy inlets and much more. Higravstinden is the highest mountain of Lofoten; it is about 1,161 m located in Austvågøy island. Further noth is the famous Møysalen National Park. Røst Island is rich in marine life and is the home to the biggest deep water coral reef of the world. You will get to see sea eagles, puffin along with cormorants, numerous nesting sea birds and moose in large number. A close view of the bird rocks in the external part of the Røst island and the fishing village of Nusfjord is worth visiting.
Island of Moskenes has plenty of natural elements. You should take a boat trip through Moskstrømmen to face the dangerous maelstroms in the meeting point of the Artic and Atlantic ocean and lso the meeting point of the North and Berrents sea. Here the tidal current goes up to 30 miles per hour at times. Once out of Lofoten, you can discover the settlements here in the island of Moskenes that dates back to thousands of years, the massive Kollhellaren Cave or coastal cavern and much more.