Mount Akka

Mount Akka is also called the Queen of Lappland is situated in the Stora Sjofallet National Park in the Norrbottens Län county, at the north end of Sweden just above the Arctic Circle. Another remarkable mountain in the neighborhood is the striking Kallaktjakka which also has a deeply-cut valley of Teusadalen. The 400 million years old Mount Akka is the home to numerous sharp peaks and glaciers. It is a 2000-meters mountain and rare in its kind in Sweden. The massif Akka has about eleven peaks. The main peak of Mount Akka is Stortoppen with altitude of 2,016 meters and is measured as the 8the highest peak in Sweden whereas the Nordosttoppen peak of Ahkka is measured as the ninth highest peak of Sweden.

Most notable feature of the Mount Akka is the sudden and steep vertical drop from the apex of the highest peak of Stortoppen to the lake Akkajaure situated in the valley below and the drop is measures to be 1,563 meters or 5,128 ft. There is a hydroelectric power station in the lake Akkajaure below the mountain making the surface level of the peak drop down to more than 423 m. The large differences in the level make the overall appearance of the landscape more impressive. This Queen of Lapland is also considered as the holy mountain and the locals consider it as a mystique portion of the region.

The popular peaks of Ahkka massif are namely the Stortoppen at an altitude of 2016m, the Nordosttoppen of 2010m, Borgtoppen of 1963 m, Dubbeltoppen of 1830 m, Västtopparna of 1730m and lastly the Majtoppen of 1628m.

You can plan your hike to the Stortoppen peaks of mount Ahkka using one of the several popular routes. But the usually taken route is the STF hut Akkastugorna that follows a river ravine and then over the Hyllglaciären glacier followed by a steep walk to the mountain summit.