Natural Wonders of Albania

What are the natural wonders of Albania?  The country is located in Southeaster Europe and features coastal borders on the Adriatic Sea to the west.  Tourism is one of the leading contributors to the economy with the coastal region being one of the primary draws.  The Albania Riviera serves as the catalyst wonder of nature for Albania.

Albanian Riviera

Part of the Ionian Sea’s coast, the Albanian Riviera is considered one of the most famous tourist spots in Albania. Its beaches are beautifully surrounded by large sized trees because of the areas subtropical climate. It consist a good number of inlets and bays and scenic spots that are basically hidden coastal mountains. Tourists are drawn to its wild beaches that are spread out to over tens of coastline kilometers.

Its seas contain a good number of corals, fish, and other fascinating underwater creatures, like turtles, lobsters, and a lot more. It is considered a scuba diver’s paradise, as ruins of sunken boats from antiquity is scattered all over. Both beginner and professional divers will love different available diving activities in locations like the Sazan Island, the Bay of Vlora, and Karaburun Peninsula.

Lake Skadar

Skadar Lake is Balkan Peninsula’s largest lake with a total surface area that fluctuates seasonally between 370 km2 that is equivalent to 140 square miles, up to 530 km2 equivalent to 200 square miles. It is located in the Balkan’s western areas which is approximately two-thirds of its total surface belong to Montenegro (229 km2, approximately 88 square miles), and almost a third belonging to Albania (142 km2, 55 square miles).

Seasonally, the lake’s overall water level varies from 4.7 up to 9.8 miles above sea level. The Lake Skadar extends towards the North West – South East direction to about 44 km in length. It is surrounded by very dramatic karst mountains, mirrored waters, wetlands, rocky shores that are overflowing with wildlife, 260 different species of birds, various traditional fishing villages, pristine beaches, and islet monasteries.

Mount Djat

Mount Dajt is a popular mountain located in central Albania, specifically at Tirana’s east. The mountain’s highest peak is measured at 1,613 m or 5,292 ft. During winter season, it is covered with white snow often, and a very popular retreat location for Tirana locals that rarely experience snow falls. It offers slopes that features forests of pines, beech, and oak. It was declared to be a “National Park” in 1966 and has since expanded to a total area of almost 29,384 ha.

Mount Dajt features a dark and looming shape that is clearly seen from Tirana, a very strong temptation city-dwellers can’t resist, that often head towards its forested slopes especially on sunny weekends. No public transport is available, but it is not a problem with locals and tourists alike since taxis can access and reach the cable car’s base station that readily whisks visitors towards the mountain’s summit.