Natural Wonders of Andorra

What are the natural wonders of Andorra?  Andorra is located in the eastern Pyrenees mountains.  The country is landlocked and borders Spain and France.  It is the sixth smallest nation in Europe.  It is a wonder of nature destination for those who want to explore the mountains.

Lake Engolasters

Located in Andorra’s Encamp parish, Lake Engolasters is a lake that is oblong shaped with an average depth of 10 m, a shore length of 12 km and an elevation of 5,302 ft. or 1,616 m. It is specifically located near Andorra La Vella, Andorra’s capital. The lake’s water is deep and very blue that is drained from the basin that is formed by the snow-covered Pyrenees mountain ranges.

A valley is formed as rivers provide enchanting views with rich pine tree forests and green meadows nearer the lake’s periphery. There is a 6.2 kilometer equivalent to 3.9 miles cable car system line from Encamp towards the lake area.

Tourism is the lake’s major economic activity as 88 hotels are strategically located in precincts surrounding it. Lake Engolasters is often used for recreation as its shoreline is popular to many hikers. Salmon and Fario trout are common and abundant fish species in Andorra’s and Lake Engolasters’ reserve is considered a paradise by not only mountaineers but also trout fishing fans.

Coma Pedrosa

As a natural wonder of Andorra, Coma Pedrosa is a pyramid shaped mountain that is located at Andorra’s northwestern border. The country’s mountainous terrain contains a total of 65 peaks which rises to 2,000 m or 6,562 ft. in elevation, and among the 65 peaks, the Coma Pedrosa is the highest at 2,943 m or 9,656 ft. It is considered as one of Pyrenees’ most picturesque mountain ranges located on La Massana territory which is in Andorra‘s North-Western part.

Coma Pedrosa‘s nearest settlement is located under it, Arinsal ski resort, a very popular tourist attraction. Regardless of the mountain’s complex and technical terrain, it offers hiking and climbing locations for even novice tourists. It offers long mountain ascents, offering in excess of 4 straight hours of skiing ascent that skiers love.

Coma Pedrosa‘s pedestrian tourist route traditionally starts at Ribal waterfall, located in the mountain’s southeastern foot. Then the mountain’s slopes lead to its southern slopes along the valley, past Trout Lake. Further north, tourist can head toward Lake Estany Negra. Tourists can then take the lake trail that leads to Andorra’s highest point.

Pic de Medecourbe

As a wonder of nature for Andorra, Pic de Medecourbe is a 9,560 ft. or 2,914 meters tall mountain located in Europe that is on Andorra’s, France’s and Spain’s western tri-point boundary. It overlooks the Vicdessos valley and an artificial lake, Étang de Soulcem, which is used for hydroelectricity. This mountain is actually one of Andorra‘s highest and a peak that is located in the Pyrenees Mountains, it is about 15 km away from Andorra La Vella, its capital city.

Hikers and climbers consider a special location as it is situated where 3 borders, particularly Spain-Andorra, Andorra-France and also France-Spain, joining in one point. Hikers and climbers look forward to seeing the beautiful view from the summit of Pic de Medecourbe. Tourist can overview the country’s villages in its valleys, Roca Entravessada, the next nearest peak, Estanys Forcats Lake and also Maladeta Lake wherein glaciers can be seen during good weather.

Pyrenees Mountains

Another natural wonder for Andorra is the Pyrenees Mountains.  Various parks and various natural spaces in Andorra offers the most stunning and dramatic scenery in the ranges of Pyrenees mountains. The Pyrenees offer all kinds of activities for all, routes for rambling, climbing, mountaineering, mountain biking, and a lot more. Andorra is boasting with amazing natural parks, thick pine forests, high-mountain peaks, glacial lakes, and also rushing rivers. This provides a perfect location for any outdoor adventure or mountain sport.

This Pyrenees country is really bursting with things to do and offers them to all types of visitors any time of the year. Its amazing accommodations, excellent restaurants, and also its famous thermal spring spas, makes this area a target destination every year for millions of tourists.

The valley of Madriu-Perafita-Claror in Pyreneesalone is considered by many as an exceptional area because of its glacial origin. Located in Andorra’s southeast region, it covers Encamp, Sant Julià de Lòria, Andorra la Vella, and Escaldes-Engordany parish. A total of 4247 ha, which covers almost 10% of Andorra’s total surface area. In fact, in the cultural scenery category, UNESCO has already given it World Heritage status.