Natural Wonders of Turkey

What are the natural wonders of Turkey?  Discover and explore the Turkey wonders of nature and decide which is the country’s best natural attraction.  Turkey is often considered the bridge between Europe and Asia.  Some people place it within the European boundaries whereas others claim it is part of Asia.

Turkey is home to many wonders of nature that will appease the nature-loving traveler.  Visitors can explore mountains, waterfalls, deserts and more in this country that features an array of Turkey nature attractions.

Natural Wonders of Turkey: Mount Ararat

Mount Ararat is an extinct volcanic mountain range located in the eastern part of Turkey, overlooking the point where the edges of Turkey, Armenia, and Iran converge. Mount Ararat’s eastern and northern slopes are 1,000 meters or 3,300 feet above sea level, while its southwestern slopes at 5,000 feet (1,500 m) above sea level. The massif’s diameter measures at about 25 miles (40 km).

The Ararat massif is composed of 2 peaks about 11 kilometers (6.8 miles) apart. The Greater Ararat is elevated at 5,165 meters (16, 945 ft.) above sea level, while the Little Ararat reaches an elevation of 2,896 meters (9, 500 ft.). Both summits are the products of eruptive volcanic activity, although there are no remains of a crater, just the well-formed cones that exist on the verge.

Historically, Mount Ararat is associated with Noah’s Ark as people believed it was where the ark came to rest after the flood, as described in the Bible. The Armenians consider the mountain sacred, while a Persian legend refers to the mountain range as the first cradle of the human race.

Turkey Wonder of Nature: Pamukkale

North of Denizli lays the Pamukkale, the country’s prime mineral-bath spa. This natural beauty offers hot calcium-laden waters that spring from a waterfall over a cliff. When the waters are cool, they tend to form dramatic travertine of hard and brilliant white calcium, forming into pools. Also known as Cotton Fortress, Pamukkale has a famous spa since the building of the Hierapolis, the spa city by the Romans. The Antique Pool that is littered with lined marble columns still exists, allowing visitors to swim for a fee.

It is an unreal landscape that is made up of petrified waterfalls, mineral forests, and a series of terraced basins. A day in Pamukkale offers an extensive exploration of the Roman ruins, the magnificent Roman Theater, while touring the Archeological Museum.

Turkey Nature Attraction: Duden Waterfall

About 10 kilometers (6 miles) away from Antalya’s beaches is the Duden Waterfall, which is easily accessible through public transportation or a private car. From the high plateau of the Taurus Mountain is the Duden River, which is 20 meters (66 ft.) wide and 15 meters (49 ft.) deep. The raw ingredients in the river water offer a significant amount of volcanic stone or Tuff stone that forms the river bed and the cave underneath the waterfall.

The upper Duden Waterfalls are situated 14 kilometers (11 miles) northeast of Antalya’s center, which is 20 meters (66 ft.) in height and formed through a karstic depression. It is a botanical haven, considering the rich varieties of plant species.

There is a small creek formed after the 8-km-length (5 miles) of the waterfall, creating a spectacular view as it flows over a 40-meter-high (131 ft.) falez rock. From Antalya is the Lower Duden Waterfalls that flow towards the Lara Beach, where a nearby area offers picnic grounds and restaurants for visitors. The entire view is more magnificent from the sea as boat tours are also organized in the area.

Turkey Natural Wonder: Erfelek

Erfelek is located in the Sinop Province within Turkey’s Black Sea region. The Erfelek Waterfall is situated on the eastern side of the Kure Mountains during the construction of the Erfelek Dam. The first waterfall drops to the 15-meter-high (49 ft.) Karasu River, and the upper portion of the river lay another waterfall. Further trekking provides an outstanding view and an area with multiple waterfalls, almost 30 waterfalls are found in the area.

The waterfalls are best to visit between the months of May and November, allowing travelers to camp put at the valley. The entire scene is a natural beauty worth to see. Picnic, trekking, and hunting are the major activities, while in the area as well as Black Sea cruises are well-organized to witness the wondrous waterfalls.

Turkey Wonder of Nature: Tortum Waterfall

Another natural beauty in Turkey is the Tortum Waterfall, in fact, the most beautiful and largest in the country. Around the waterfall is a recreation area for travelers, while an observation platform is provided to give tourists a closer look at the waterfall. There is a staircase that leads towards the underneath of the waterfall. The waterfall drops 157 feet (48 meters), flowing in the Tev Valley, where the combination of the waterfall and a series of cascades are undeniably must-see sceneries.