Njupeskar Waterfall

Njupeskar Waterfall is the highest waterfall of Sweden that plunges over 410 feet in a glinting stream of white foam and goes down the serrated walls of black granite rock. The wild waterfall is surrounded by the immaculate spruce and pine forests. The fall is situated in the excellent landscape of Fulufjället National Park towards the northern side of Dalarna in Sweden. Dalarna is a typical Swedish province that is covered with natural elements of the earth and during your trip to this place you will be passing through pine forests, glittering lakes and steep mountains and catch the sight of wooden cottages all painted in red and inviting farmhouses around you. On your hike to the Njupeskar Waterfall, you will come across the protected animals of the nature like moose and deer that are seen roaming liberally on the rich foliage of the forest cover.

Near the Njupeskär waterfall, you will catch the sight of the deep canyons that seem to engrave its path through the attached sandstone rock and is a good instance of backwards erosion, a geographical phenomenon.

During midsummer months, sunlight penetrated the waterfall to give an enchantment silver shine somewhere in the morning hours. Being the tallest waterfall of the country, hikers are often seen climbing all his way to the top of the canyon of the waterfall to catch the sight of the wonderful scenic beauty of the place during summers. Travelers of the winter months come here for ice climbing but it is very dangerous at times as the situation is unpredictable.