North Cape

The North Cape is a splendid sheer granite cliff located on the island of Mageroya in northern Norway. This 307 meters high cliff also considered as the northernmost point of mainland Europe is beyond the Arctic Circle. The North Cape is also known as the Nordkapp and was formed about 2,600 million years ago.

It is noted that about quarter of a million travelers come for their vacation every summer to the North Cape and this makes it the top travel destination of Norway. Travelers mainly come to take a glimpse of the midnight sun as it is at this point of the earth, the sun set regally in the direction of the horizon but seems to stop and appear as if it is in a hanging state in the sky and rise from this end yet again. The midnight sun appears from mid May to mid July.

As it lies in the Finnmark region, it is named as the Norwegian Lapland. It is at this point that the Norwegian Sea and a section of the Atlantic Ocean meet with the Barents Sea which is a portion of the Arctic Ocean.

Visitors can enter North Cape by entry through the Nordkapphallen which acts as a widespread business tourist centre. The charge of entering North Cape is about 215 NOK per individual. The travelers reach North Cape, the popular tourist destination of northern Scandinavia by road that enters the North Cape Tunnel. Tourists love to take the breathtaking views of the dramatic cliff with its atypical climatic conditions, on their visit to the northernmost end of Europe.