Northern Lights

Northern Lights, Finland is described as breathtaking light phenomena which brighten the night sky, and can often be as bright as a full moon. Northern Lights, Finland is often observed during the darkest times of the year, often in the wintertime, in the northern Polar Regions including Finland. These Aurora Borealis vary in color from blue and violet to yellowish green and red; their color and shape is said to shift rapidly as they move from East to West in the form of rays or even as ‘fast-moving pulsing shapes’.

The Finnish winter is darkest between the months of November and January since the sun barely rises above the horizon and in this darkness, the Aurora Borealis are a gorgeous and magical sight. Northern Lights, Finland is best viewed on a cloudless winter night away from cities and other sources of ‘light’ pollution. The Aurora Borealis are best seen in the northern Lapland region and often in the winter months of September and October and also between February and March in the northern Finland region of Kilpisjarvi; and on such occasion, the Aurora Borealis can be viewed every other night throughout the wintertime, an average of 200 nights a year. The Northern Lights, Finland may also be viewed in the Southern regions of Finland, even as far south of as Finnish capital of Helsinki, though that is rare and is dependent on the prevalent weather.