This country is popular with the phrase “the land of the midnight sun”, which is only one of the many features that nature is offering both locals and tourists. Norway is found in the European continent, on the northern part; bordered by Sweden, Finland, and the Russian Federation. They have the great sunrise and sunset, which is common to almost every place in the country and many natural features that attract a lot of tourists to go to Norway and have their break. Among the great cities that Norway has, this place is also proud of their natural wonders that some are even seen in no other place.

Aurora Borealis
Among any other countries that experience these mystifying lights at night, Norway has one of the best places to see the auroras with its scenic land formations that add up to the already wonderful lights on the sky. A lot of tales has been associated to the formation of the aurora borealis; some say that the lights are the spirits of the dead; others also say that it is an evil force that even the children are not allowed to go outside if these lights show up. But whatever story may have passed, we are all sure that the Aurora Borealis is a wonder to see, especially in the night skies of Norway. Just watching these dancing lights is worth every money that you spend to travel in this country.

Fjords are natural formations that are caused by the erosion of a valley that carves and makes slim and long inlets with cliffs on each side. And in Norway, formed in the northeastern part of Bergen, is one of the most wonderful fjords in the European continent. They are also the among the world’s longest and deepest fjords. The walls of the Nærøyfjord have some natural waterfalls and the animals and plants living in the area are also a thing to see. This fjord also possesses a mysterious formation of underwater moraines that is rarely seen around the world.

Never Setting Sun
The most interesting feature that Norway provides is the sun that never sets. During summer, there is no night in this country. This is because of the position of the earth with the sun. And here in Norway, you can see the effects of this phenomenon. If you want to have a whole day activity, then it is possible in this 24-hour of day in Norway. The duration of this event depends on the location of the place. Most of the cities in Norway have about a month of day while in the northern part, near the North Pole, the sun never sets for almost six months!

Located far from Bodø in the Arctic Norway, you can experience the world’s strongest whirlpool, Saltstraumen. When you want to go to the extreme, Norway provides rafting to the dangerous waters of Saltstraumen. The speed of these whirlpools can reach about 40 kilometers per hour so adventurers should watch out for them. The tourism office has made a timeline for the occurrence of the strong maelstroms. Besides the extreme rafting, Saltstraumen also offers hiking around the area with its wonderful natural formations such as the mountains and the rich flora and fauna living around the area. Diving is also provided to see the marine life in this place.

Vøringsfossen Waterfall
Consisting of more than 180 falls, Vøringfossen Waterfall is the most popular waterfall in Norway. Some of these falls are dropped directly, making a strong current on the river that it drops on. The best way to view the amazing waterfall is to watch from the upper or the lower part, taking pictures and having a nice picnic with your family and friends in this natural wonder.