This country in Europe is already a developed country that rivaled Spain in the conquest to colonize unknown lands during the early 16th century. They are the most powerful countries on that time and because of that, they improved faster than any other countries with the exception of Spain. And because of its early history, it is a place rich with structures that date back from the medieval times, and natural wonders that are preserved as well.

Portugal is located in the western part of Europe and is considered the warmest country in the continent. The country is composed of a mainland but there are little islands spread over the Atlantic Ocean.

Coa Valley
This valley located northeast of Portugal is home to prehistoric rock carvings that indicate early settlers that are estimated to be made during the Paleolithic Era. And because of its historic importance, Coa Valley has been made a UNESCO World Heritage Site so that the wonder in this valley would be preserved. In this valley you can see three major places that contain these petroglyphs or the ancient ways to do writing by carving the rocks. Aside from this historical writings, the Coa Valley is home to different floras and faunas. Hiking in this valley is a great activity that tourists can do.

Sete Cidades Lakes
Found in Azores, Sete Cidades is among the wondrous natural wonders in Portugal. The lakes are termed as twin lakes that reside in the heart of a volcanic crater in the western side of São Miguel. The crater is has a vast three-mile radius and it is the most famous national park in the city. The lakes are close to each other but the interesting thing is that the color of their waters is different. When viewed from a distance; one lake, namely Lagoa Azul, has a blue color and the other one is colored green, Lagoa Verde. Legend says that these lakes are the colors of the eyes when two certain couple were not allowed to be married and was separated from each other. They were sad and made the lakes as their place to bid farewell.

Lagoa do Fogo
Another wonderful lake in Azores is the Lagoa do Fogo, which means Fire Lake. The lake resides in a dormant volcano that is surrounded with fascinating vegetation and diverse wildlife making this place one of the striking wonders that nature provides in Portugal. The blue waters of the lake cover a length of two kilometers and have a width of about 1 kilometer. Along the way to the Lagoa do Fogo is a caldera is present that gives warm water, which attracts visitors to make a relaxing bath to get rid of stress in one’s body.

Mira D’Aire Caves
This cave was discovered in the year 1947 but tracking it was difficult at the time. It was not until recently that Mira D’Aire Caves were opened to the public. With its exquisite colors and rock formations, these caves are one of the most wonderful caves in Portugal. In this place one can see the stalactites route which is composed of three rooms namely; the Big Room, the Majestic Dome, and the Gallery. And on the walls of these galleries you can marvel at the amazing fossils of jellyfishes and other sea animals that once were living on the cave that was once submerged in water.

Tagus Estuary
This is one of the largest wetlands in Western Europe, having an area of about 340 square kilometers. The vast place is home to various plants and animals and has already been made a Nature Reserve, as well as a Special Protection Area under the European Birds. Tourists can enjoy watching the amazing wildlife such as the birds and take photographs of them.