Suilven Highland

Suilven Highland is one of the beautiful mountains in Scotland. It is a truly magnificent spectacle that resembles a police mans helmet of a rock is the distinctive mountain in Suilven, Highland in Scotland. It lies in the remote area of Suther land in the Inverpolly Scotland. This distinctive and magnificent mountain appears spiky from the east, and from the north or south it can be seen as along bumpy ridge that looks like it has an established and outlined waist.

Suilven, Highland in Scotland appears to be rising vertically from the wilderness, with a 2 km steep sided ridge on the mountain. To complete the spectacle there are two summits on the central point and south east point. The prominent peaks were as a result of the erosion of softer rocks that left an inselberg. The mountain continues to be magnificent, looking at it from the coast of west Suilven, it looks like a large grey pillar, and from the inland it looks like a pyramid.

Suilven, Highland in Scotland summits are covered by grass fields and wild flowers and alpine meadow. The slopes of the mountain are constantly eroding and they shed lots of lumps of crumbling rocks that tumble down the mountain side. The Suilven highlands emerge from above the glacier and ice surfaces.

Suilven, Highland, Scotland are filled with the gulf of blue air and American winds. The place is ideal for visitors because of the magnificent, spectacular and fascinating rock filled pillar mountain.