Svartifoss Falls

Svartifoss also known as the Black Fall is a noteworthy waterfall located in the Skaftafell National Park of southeast Iceland. It is one of the natural treasures of Skaftafell National park and is about 80 foot high and serves to be popular sight to its visitors.  You will spot the Skaftafell National Park situated between Kirkjubæjarklaustur, near Sysla in the southern part of the Iceland.

Svartifoss waterfall is enclosed by dark lava columns usually hexagonal in shape.  These basalt columns that were shaped within the lava flow cooled very slowly and finally crystallized. The sight of those hanging hexagonal basalt columns that appears do pronounced in the big waterfall is really amazing and visitors easily reach close to the falls to see the lovely geometrical shapes of these columns some of which are also piled up near the base of the falls.

Black falls is a major attraction of Skaftafell National Park and witnesses visitors in waves that come here to have a breathtaking view of the natural wonders on tour buses and have an informative as well as relaxing experience. The waterfalls of 20 meters or 60 feet fall in a gorge that is of horseshoe shaped with numerous sharp dark basalt columns of rocks. The area around the water is filled with wildflowers that make it a serene environment.

Once you visit the National Park, you need to climb for 45 minute up the area to catch the sight of the waterfall. The natural surroundings uphill of the park is worth seeing and people really enjoy looking at other small waterfalls on his way before reaching the final one.