This western European country has a lot of things set for you. Switzerland may almost be synonymous to the words such as Alps, chocolates and snow. It is enclosed by countries namely Germany, Italy, Austria and France. This federal country has already established a strong economy through time. Culture has been preserved in most of its areas and even old buildings and houses still stand on its streets. This country is usually cold throughout the year but there’s no reason not to enjoy staying here for a vacation. Blessed with scenic views and intimately majestic landscapes, Switzerland will truly provide you a perfect time for relaxation.

Aletsch Glacier
Aletsch Glacier is very cold a remnant of the ice age and is considered to be the largest glacier in the Swiss Alps. Just 10 years ago, it was declared by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site wherein in it enjoys benefits for its preservation. This glacier runs 23 kilometers and covers about 120 square kilometers; it is just perfect for those who want to go to the extremes when it comes to bearing with the temperature. Access to the site would only take you a cable car ride and you can enjoy on a bird’s-eye-view position, this is an experience that you should not miss. Pack-up you thick jackets and prepare for an awesome Alps experience!

Oeschinen Lake
Compared to the Alps experience, Oeschinen Lake is way far warmer, but the relaxation that it can provide you beats no other. It is located in Bernese Oberland, just about 4 kilometers away from Kandersteg, it covers a total area of 1.2 square-kilometers. The water in the lake comes from the mountain creeks that surrounds it and from underground drains. If you can not dare to take a dive in the lake, you better bring with you a fishing rod, so that you can cast your bait and wait for your next big catch. The picturesque landscape can be the best way to release tension after a series of hard work. All in all, it’s a combination of blue and green, which truly makes this lake a representation of the beauty of this planet.

Rhine Falls
Though it would not be a great idea to swim in this waterfall, it does not mean that you cannot appreciate its beauty anymore. One thing that makes Rhine Falls one of Europe’s best waterfalls is its enormous size. This waterfall is considered to be Europe’s largest plain waterfall. It was said that the Rhine Falls were crafted during the ice age period, which makes it as another product of how nature itself define beauty. Both sides of the Rhine Falls provide you viewing decks for you to enjoy the scenic view and for those landscape shooters, this is the perfect waterfall subject for wide-angle coverage.

Just around the border of Italy and Switzerland is this amazing triangular shaped mountain in the Pennine Alps. The summit reaches a height of 14,960 feet; this length makes it the highest peak in the Alps. This is a challenge for alpinists, truly one of the most deadly Alps. In 1865 to 1990, it took already 500 alpinist lives. But for tourists, a view of the Alps brings you to life. This natural wonder can provide a great trekking experience for interested tourists; the trek can last up to 10 days.

This mountain overshadows its neighbors as it reaches the sky at 13,205 feet. Still located in the Bernese Alps, the Eiger is possibly one of Europe’s best mountains because of its very unique form. It looks like a dark chocolate covered with cream, but definitely it is a very cold treat. There have been ascents as early as 1858 and until now there are still people who take the Eiger challenge when they are in the Swiss area. For non-climbers, it is the beauty of Eiger that is set for you to enjoy. The landscape is perfect, and the weather will really cool you off!