Tannforsen Waterfall

Tannforsen, Jamtland, Sweden is described as one of Sweden’s largest most breathtaking waterfall with a 38m total drop with 32m of which is vertical. The Tannforsen, Jamtland, Sweden has a width of 60m and therefore a total drop area of 1920sq meters. The Tannforsen waterfall is located in Jamtland; one of Sweden’s largest provinces in the center of Sweden and is surrounded by the lake Storsjon with the Jamtland only city and its capital at Ostersund.

The amount of water of the Tannforsen, Jamtland, Sweden waterfall at any given time is dependent on the prevailing season with water flow reaching its peak of 400m3 of water rushing over the edge during May-June period. The Tannforsen waterfall has its lowest flow in the December-February period when the waterfall is covered by ice. The highest level of the Tannforsen, Jamtland, Sweden ever measured was 740 meter3 during the spring flood in 1995.

The Tannforsen, Jamtland, Sweden is surrounded by unusual nature due to the high humidity from the waterfall which includes lichens, mosses and insects indigenous to the area.

In the summer, the water gushing over the waterfall is a wonderful experience; also available are walks through the lush forests in the surrounding area. Despite the freezing over of the waterfall in the winter, there is still a lot to see such as the ice formations due to freezing water and these form caves under the fall, also the fall is lit up when the sun sets to bring about a breathtaking experience.